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18 weeks pregnant tip

Your baby is moving all day. There is a good chance that you will feel your baby kicking in your stomach for the first time in week 18 of your pregnancy. So special!

Your baby in week 18 of your pregnancy

What does your baby actually do the entire day when you are 18 weeks pregnant? Don’t be afraid that he is bored, he is training hard for the moment that he leaves your womb . He practices breathing, sucking and swallowing. All the skills he needs to survive.

Did you think being pregnant was tiring , the life of a fetus is also pretty tiring. Becoming a person is not nothing! It is not surprising that your little one yawns occasionally. With a bit of luck you can even see this during a pre-ultrasound . Now that he can move all his joints and limbs, this is one of his favorite pastimes. And you may have already noticed that! Have you already felt the first kick ?

You in week 18 of your pregnancy

Was that your belly rumbling? Or were those just your intestines …? Chances are you around the 18th week of pregnancy for the first time (deliberately) a paddle feel your baby. You probably had felt this before, but now that you recognize it, you know for sure: it’s your baby! It now feels as if your baby is stroking you gently on the inside of your belly. Enjoy it for just a little longer, because at the end of pregnancy you sometimes have the idea that he is kickboxing. Have you not felt anything yet? Just a little patience: most women feel the first kick between 16 and 20 weeks .

You may have passed the phase when people doubt whether you have just gained a few pounds or if you are pregnant. It is just not written on your stomach: Hello, I am pregnant! In your wardrobe most items have since been replaced by position clothing . Not so strange when you consider that your womb is now about the same size as a melon! Because of your growing uterus, the center of gravity shifts in your body. Your lower back is pulled forward while your belly protrudes at the front. In addition, your joints become more flexible during this period. Not so strange that you sometimes have the idea that you have swapped your back with a retired road worker. You can suffer from back pain !

Fashionable clothes for you

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Tip at 18 weeks pregnant

The Netherlands is one of the few Western countries where you have the choice to give birth at home , in other countries you often have to go to the hospital. About 25% of women give birth at home. In the event of medical complications, it is compulsory to give birth in the hospital . In addition to the hospital and at home, you can also consider giving birth in a birth house . If you have doubts about the location of your birth, you can discuss this with your midwife .

Tips for You This Week

Dizziness is normal

During pregnancy, progesterone increases the flow of blood to your baby, resulting in lower blood pressure and reduced blood flow to your brain — giving you that dizzy feeling all over.

To help stave off dizziness, always move from a lying or sitting position to standing slowly.Get ready for relaxin

During the second trimester your body releases relaxin, a hormone that loosens ligaments that hold bones together, resulting in an achy pelvis and hips and maybe bigger feet!

You may be cursing it now, but when you’re trying to push out your baby’s impossibly big head, you can thank relaxin for doing its job.

As the name implies, relaxin relaxes the body’s muscles, joints and ligaments. Not surprisingly, the effect centers on the joints of the pelvis, allowing them to stretch during delivery.Interview pediatricians

Now’s a great time to interview potential pediatricians. Ask a lot of questions on topics like appointment availability, hospital affiliations, vaccines and circumcision.Pump iron

Even red-meat eaters can have a hard time getting enough iron from their diets. If you’re someone who sticks to plant foods, you’ll have to double your efforts to pump up the iron.

Foods like beans, soy products, oat bran, barley, pumpkin seeds, dried fruits, spinach, seaweed, Jerusalem artichokes and blackstrap molasses all have some iron in them, but you’ll also need to take an iron supplement to make sure you’re meeting your daily quota.

Actually, it’s recommended that all pregnant women take an iron supplement after week 20 — or earlier if iron stores are low.Be wary of supplements

Herbal supplements do make the most tempting of promises — especially when pregnancy leaves you with few self-medicating options. Would it really hurt to pop a couple of ginkgo-biloba capsules to give your brain cells a fighting chance of remembering to pay this month’s electric bill? After all, the bottles say “all-natural”…and you did buy them at the health food store.

Actually, it could hurt — particularly now that you’re sharing those pills with a little someone else. Herbal preparations are not tested or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prior to going on the market and are not required to undergo clinical trials, which mean that their safety, or lack of, is unknown.

Even herbs that you’ve heard could be helpful during pregnancy could be dangerous at different points during those nine months — by causing premature labor if taken too early, say.

And many herbs — such as basil oil, black or blue cohosh, clove oil, sassafras, wild yam and many others — are downright dangerous if taken anytime during pregnancy. Be safe, and check with your practitioner before you pop any pill.Avoid certain workout moves

These moves may work great when you’re not pregnant, but don’t even think about trying them at home or at the gym now. Just say no to upside-down “bicycles,” shoulder stands or flat-on-your-back positions after the fourth month.

Also off-limits: deep-knee bends, back bends, jumping, bouncing or herky-jerky dancing.