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Tips for 10 week pregnant

The embryo continues to grow at a rapid pace. After 10 weeks of pregnancy, the sexual organs begin to develop, but only next week will it become visible on the outside whether you will have a boy or girl. Unfortunately this cannot be seen on an echo yet. You can, however, use the term ultrasound to determine exactly how long you are pregnant.

Your baby in week 10 of your pregnancy

The embryo grows about a millimeter a day in the 10th week of your pregnancy and develops at least as fast. The eyelids cover almost the entire eyes, his nose gets relief and the upper lip is formed. The head is also becoming rounder. His face will always look a little more human.

And not only in his face does it become more of a person. The ‘flippers’ between the fingers and toes disappear, so that they come apart and the hands can touch each other. Also the tail that made him look like a tadpole has disappeared when you are 10 weeks pregnant. The heart is getting stronger and beats regularly now, with around 150 beats per minute. To let your own heart soar, you first have to run up a few stairs.

You in week 10 of your pregnancy

Do you feel that you are completely hidden? Then you are not alone. Many women suffer from constipation (also known as constipation) during pregnancy. This is because your bowels are now working slower. This way you and your baby can absorb all nutrients well. You can reduce your symptoms by eating a lot of fiber. These are among other things in whole grain products, vegetables and fruit. Drinking plenty of water and plenty of exercise also help get things going again.

The baby in your belly is not very important in terms of weight and height, but your uterus grows quickly. In addition, you may have already gained some weight , your body retains moisture and you experience a bloated feeling . This makes your normal clothes feel uncomfortably tight, but it still feels too early for maternity wear . As if choosing an outfit wasn’t hard enough! Pants and skirts with an elastic band can help and provide some more comfort. No sense or money to shop for new clothing? A tailor puts elastic in your ‘old’ clothing for a small amount.

For on your to-do list: maternity care

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One of the things you need to arrange in your pregnancy is maternity care. Tip: do this before your 16th pregnancy week. Naviva is happy to offer you the best start in a relaxed way. Knowing more?

Tip for 10 weeks pregnant

If you are pregnant, you can request different products for free. For this you often have to enter your personal details. If you do this, you can be approached for offers. Don’t you think that’s bad or even handy? Request the following boxes full of gifts for free:

Tips for You This Week

Take the ride in stride

Crying uncontrollably one minute, laughing hysterically the next? These emotional highs and lows are par for the pregnancy course. Mood swings are mostly felt during the first trimester, with a second trimester break. But be warned: They often return for the last few months of pregnancy.Eat in the dining room

Pregnant women who eat while watching their favorite show are more likely to feed their infants in front of the TV, according to recent research. That can interfere with Mom’s ability to tell whether baby is full and cause poorer dietary habits. To the dining room!Get vitamin D

Right now, baby’s teeth are budding under the gums, but if you have low vitamin D levels, you may be setting your little one up for future cavities.

Talk to your doc about D. Fatty fish, eggs and fortified dairy products and orange juice are all good sources of the vitamin.Add mangoes to your plate

All fruits are good for you, but mangoes are particularly great for the pregnant set. They contain more vitamins A and C bite-for-delicious-bite than a salad.

This tropical favorite, also packed with potassium, is an especially versatile, perfect complement to sweet and savory dishes. Blend it into smoothies or soups, chop it up in salsas or relishes or simply scoop and enjoy.Eat a healthy breakfast

If you haven’t already, it’s a fine time to get into the habit of eating breakfast and including two breakfast foods that are especially good for your pregnant body — and for baby-building: oatmeal and DHA-enriched eggs.

Oats are full of fiber, B vitamins, iron and a host of other good-for-you-minerals. Fill your breakfast bowl with them, but don’t stop there. Add oats — and all their nutritional superpowers — to pancakes and muffins (and cakes, cookies and even meat loaf).

If you’re eating eggs, that’s great. The old egg is still a good egg, delivering a low-calorie, high-protein punch in a tasty little bundle.

But you can boost the nutritional value by scrambling, frying or boiling ones loaded with DHA, a type of omega-3 fatty acid and “good fat.” It’s a primary component of the brain and retina and is essential for brain development and eye formation in the fetus.Photograph your bump

Is your pregnant belly ready for its close-up? Someday you’ll enjoy looking at pictures or videos of your pregnant body — and so will your child. Enlist someone to document your changing profile once a month.

Wear an outfit that lets your shape shine, and stand in profile for your big moment. Start now, before you really start to expand, and take photos regularly until you deliver. Once you’re done, create a pregnancy album — you’ll be glad you did.Listen to your body

Are your two favorite positions these days sitting and lying down? Pregnancy fatigue is normal. That’s because you’re running a baby-making factory that’s in business 24/7, causing your pregnant body to work harder at rest than your non-pregnant body did on the run.

And for the next few weeks, a baby’s not the only thing in production — so is the placenta, the magnificently complex mission control that will serve as your baby’s life support system until delivery. The result? You feel tired and overworked, even when you’re not doing a darn thing.

Your energy should pick up once the placenta’s up and running and your system adjusts as best as it can to the hormonal changes of pregnancy — probably early in the second trimester.

In the meantime, keep your blood sugar level up with frequent snacks of complex carbs and protein, like cheese and crackers or nuts and dried fruit. Or try a little exercise, which can actually give you an energy boost. Most of all, listen to your body. When it calls for a break, take one.